Bathrooms can be tricky spaces to organize and maintain. We all have dozens of containers of beauty products, dental hygiene products, hair products, and grooming products that need to be stored within arms reach with minimal space to store them effectively. Even the l...

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The New Year is such an exciting time to re-organize and purge your belongings. Getting things in order for the year might feel like a tall task, but starting with small categories can help you get...

The season for giving continues today with Part II of my organization series! These beautiful free printable labels are the key to aesthetic organization. Part II includes labels for your laundry room and your bathroom. If you missed it last week - you can download Par...

Bathrooms in New York City are consistently one of the tightest areas of apartment living. Even if you are fortunate enough to have a spacious bathroom, ample storage is still scarce. A few key steps to consider for small bathroom organization: remember to utilize vert...

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As a professional organizer in New York City, I believe in celebrating the things in life that make you happy and serve you well. I provide creative solutions to organizing small spaces (like New York apartments) that are both intuitive and simple to maintain. Look around for some inspiration! - Wendy

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Free Organization Labels Part II

December 19, 2017

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