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Happy New Year…’s Resolutions!

January 11, 2018

Hello! From 2018. We’re all familiar with what a new year means: resolutions. And in January, we’re eager, motivated and enthusiastic about them all! Are you having flashbacks to feverishly scribbling them down earlier this month at your desk in your newly transformed home office space while reading this? Don’t worry, me too. Because of this, the list we write in January is most likely (or, most certainly) longer than that which we’d write in April, or even March, when we’ve lost some of our momentum. I’ve gravitated to focusing on the ‘current’ more short term goals in my life, rather than a daunting 12-month look ahead at the whole lot. My 5 tips below may also do the trick for you.



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  1. Establish a digestible approach: Instead of making our resolutions span 12 months, break them down into digestible pieces so there are tons to go around through the year. Fitness is a great example. Achieve certain milestones one month at a time!

  2. Prioritize what’s important at what time: This monthly approach allows us to look at those goals we want to accomplish NOW and which ones may not be as urgent. Spending quality time with your children is something we should always prioritize, so you may want to find room in your busy schedule sooner than later!

  3. Be realistic: There’s nothing more discouraging than to fail to complete something. When we create realistic goals the reward for completing them will reignite the charge to enter the next month with the same momentum we had when the clock struck midnight on 1/1! Choosing to disconnect from technology and social media is a great one here. Because it’s such a major part of all of our lives we can’t block it out completely, but we can be realistic about spending less time each day, and shifting our focus to reading or face-to-face interactions. 

  4. Find the balance between “achieve” and “strive”: It’s also important to challenge ourselves - it’s how we grow! In each monthly list incorporate goals that will take some hard work and effort - a reach goal. The first one or two months you may only add a few, but you’ll see more added as the year unfolds. Do you have a cookbook that’s been sitting on a shelf for years? Make it your goal to try one new recipe the first month, two the next, and so on. 

  5. Do what works for YOU: Some of us have gone totally digital, while others still find gratification in putting pen to paper when creating a hand written to-do list. Find the planner, journal, app or style that works for you, because in all of this, that’s what’s most important.  


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Share your 2018 resolutions turned “January 2018” resolutions and your monthly style with me below! 

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