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Walking in a Winter Accessory Land

February 9, 2018


Source: Stylecaster


Who loves winter accessories? Who can’t seem to find the ones you love when you want to wear them? Whether you live in a small or large space, our winter accessories always seem to find themselves completely scattered and disorganized. Scarves are curled up in the back of our coat closets, only one glove turns up when we need two, our every day coats find a home on our kitchen chairs, becoming our daily default no matter what we’re wearing, and hats that fall on the floor end up staying there until next season. Here’s where I come in. Follow my tips below to create optimal visibility and accessibility when bundling up!



    Parkas, wool coats, and sweaters, oh my! - This starts with fundamental closet organization. Before you can even wear what you have, you have to know what you have. Dissecting your closet gives you visibility to items you never wear, ones that are worn, and your top favorites. You can donate items to create more space, and once you do, you’ll be left with all of your “will wears.” At that point, face hangers and items in the same direction so they’re easy on the eyes and accessible. Click here to learn more about where to donate.

  2. Scarves: a girl’s multi-season best friend - Scarves are one of the easiest items to store because something so long and large can become so compact that likely all of your scarves can be easily stored together. Hang them on hooks, folded in half on a hanger, or in a labeled basket for easy-to-grab use. Since some scarves are versatile enough to be worn during multiple seasons (as a shall in the spring or with a vest in the fall) you’ll want to have a more permanent place for them throughout the year instead of storing them away until next winter.

  3. Gloves: one’s company, two’s…necessary - We know that one glove without the other is essentially no gloves at all. To keep both hands warm during the cooler temps, consider storing your gloves in a shoe organizer placed behind your closet door. If it seems bulky, don’t worry! It’s only temporary. As soon as your gloves can be stored, remove the organizer until next year! 

  4. Hats need a home, too! - What’s perfect about the shoe organizer for glove storage? Since you probably don’t have gloves to fill the entire thing (and if you do, consider donating some of those like I mentioned above with coats!), you can store your hats right alongside them. You can even categorize ones that match or that you like to wear together so they’re grouped and in reach.



How do you store your winter accessories and which is your ultimate favorite to wear? 









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