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Small Space Solutions: Studio Organization

March 6, 2018


Often I’m featuring organization tips for a variety of spaces - like entryways, bathrooms, or a spare room - but what about studio apartments? You don’t have to live in a multi-bedroom apartment or home with a family of three, four or more to need help organizing. Studios need the same, if not more TLC, especially when one room has multiple functions. Here’s my recipe for success when organizing a studio space:


Evaluate What You Have - Drawers, closets, bins, bags and more become filled with things we’re “definitely going to use sometime!” The first step to efficiently organizing is to pull everything out and lay it on your bed, floor, or clean open space, which allows you to:


-Categorize what’s left 
-Maximize your space


Declutter - It’s critical to eliminate the items that have one purpose and one purpose only: to take up space. Once you begin the process, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve held on to and what you can live without. This not only creates new space, but becomes a selfless act! Check out where you can donate all the items that no longer serve you, and add value to someone else in my post about Where to Donate.


Categorize - Categories are not only visually appealing, but they provide easy access to groups of like items. This especially helps seasonally! Let’s take clothing for instance. During the winter months sweaters should be prioritized and hung, because they’re what you’re wearing most. Next, work attire, or anything else worn on a daily basis, should be predominantly visible. Categorizing by clothing type (short sleeve, button down, dresses, pants, etc.) and then again by color gives you a clear picture of what to wear when you want to wear it. Check out the before and after of the every day wear closet in my recent client’s studio apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!



Maximize Your Space - With limited space, maximizing is key. With this studio apartment client, we leveraged the large, deep closets available, which really worked to our advantage for storage, as well as existing storage solutions, like baskets, that were now available for repurposing after the decluttering process. We even used available space behind the couch for more bulky items like an air mattress and storage boxes. What was once dead space became the perfect home for things that aren’t so visually appealing!



During the entire process embrace the domino effect. This might be my favorite part. Wherever you start, there’s really no way of knowing where your things will end up. Steps 1 through 4 are so important because the domino effect in an emptied, categorized and maximized space allows us to utilize certain areas for things that we didn’t think we would. For example, items in the utility closet moved to the coat closet, like the yoga mat below, and shoes from the coat closet moved to the every day wear closet for easy accessibility and styling while getting ready. The domino effect keeps us open minded and transitions us from the first space to the next, and the next…


No space is too large or too small to organize! Simply contact me here and let’s get started! 






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