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Spring Travel: Top 5 Tips

March 15, 2018

Although it doesn’t quite feel like it with the still cold and even snowy weather we’ve been having here in New York City, spring is, in fact, quickly approaching! Not only does this mean nicer, warmer weather is (hopefully) on its way, but it also means Spring Break! This week long getaway comes at just the right time, as we transition out of our winter wonderland and into better, brighter days ahead. Below are my top 5 tips to prepare for any upcoming trip!

  1. Pre-plan to pack light: Make sure to check the weather for wherever your destination may be. This will allow you to pre-plan outfits, the most appropriate shoes and accessories, and additional layering pieces you may need to beat the heat during the day or keep warm in the evening. Pre-planning outfits will help to avoid overpacking, too! 


    Source: Lo & Sons

  2. Save money and feel good: From the airport to your destination and everything in between, costs will add up. Most people have also grown accustomed to making their own meals at home versus eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Packing healthy snacks, energy bars, or even some on-the-go breakfasts provide a healthy and cost-efficient solution while you’re traveling. You can enjoy some of your favorites that are part of your routine at home to save money/eat healthy during the process.

     Source: rxbar Instagram, purely elizabeth Instagram

  3. Easy Accessibility: Navigating your way through the airport, especially in groups or families with young children, can be overwhelming. Simplify the process by having all of your essential items ready and available in a travel wallet. This includes passports (and copies of them), flight information, boarding passes (unless you activate via phone), some cash, and personal identification. This bag that you toss this travel wallet in will likely serve as your carry-on, too, so throw in some facial care to squeeze in a little me time while you’re en route, as well as toiletries and a change of clothes in case there are any mix-ups with luggage when you arrive.


    Source: Mochi Things 


  4. An apple a day…: The hope of course, is that you won’t be sick while on vacay, but you never know! And if you haven’t been in this situation, you might not realize how challenging (or expensive) it can be to purchase remedies like aspirin or cough drops. Keep a precautionary medical kit with items that work for everyone on the trip on hand with travel sized remedies just in case! 

    Source: smartertravel.com 


  5. Additional storage: Who’s favorite part of a trip is buying some treats?? In almost every case, we come home with more than we brought, so it’s best to prepare for some additional packing space with small compatible options like a tote or duffel that can also double as a carry-on bag if they don’t fit in your suitcase.

     Source: sedo-amazom.com

Wherever you’re traveling to be safe, stay organized, and most importantly, have fun! Happy travels!







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