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Moving 101: 4 Small Tips to Simplify Your Big Move

April 10, 2018

Moving to a new place can be emotionally draining and stressful enough as is. Not only do I find ways to help minimize stress by way of organizing a home that you’re living in, BUT I’m also here to ensure any moving or transition process goes as smoothly as possible. Read my 4 tips below before you plan to make your next move.  



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  1. PACK + PURGE: some of you may have read in previous blog or Instagram posts that I pretty much start all my projects with an editing process, and what better time to do that than when you’re moving? When packing items (e.g. clothes, kitchen supplies, shoes, bedding, and more), make sure you’re conscious about what you really need, what you haven’t used in as long as you can remember, and what does not need to come into your new space. My blog post on Where to Donate may help with some ideas on what to leave behind!

  2. CATEGORIZE + LEVERAGE: Just as we would categorize your space while you’re living in it, it’s equally as important to do so when you’re moving. Once you’ve sorted everything that will be coming with you as a result of the editing process, group your like items together to asses what needs to be packed up. Then, evaluate all larger storage-type items (e.g. bins, baskets, luggage, totes, etc.) that can be leveraged during the packing process. What was once used as decor has now become a huge money and space saver! You’ll not only save space by filling these items instead of packing them, but you’ll cut costs on purchasing a higher volume of boxes. 

    Source: thecontainerstore.com, hgtv.com 

  3. PROTECT + LABEL: After categorizing all items to be packed up, you will notice that some items - like sheets, towels, throw blankets, cotton shirts - may be used to line boxes and separate fragile items. Taking advantage of items you already have on hand will also cut costs on packaging materials like bubble wrap and newspaper. As you’re protecting and packing, don’t forget to label! Label each box with the category of contents as well as the room it should go in at the new place. While the movers are bringing boxes in, they can place them in the appropriate room where they’ll be waiting to be unpacked. 



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    Last, but not least, and often over looked: 

  4. PREPARE for TRANSITION: This may not apply to every single person moving, but if it does apply to you, it’s incredibly important. Sometimes, you may not leave one place and go immediately to the next. Don’t forget pack your essentials (e.g. (toothbrush, change of clothes, aspirin, contacts, etc.) in a carry on or weekender bag so they’re on hand during your transition process while staying in a hotel, or with family or friends.

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Once you move into your new space, if you need help organizing it, you know who to call! For some initial inspo, check out my recent Studio Solutions blog post for a client who recently moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn! 





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