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Pictures, pictures on the wall...

August 28, 2018

Pictures, pictures on the wall... 


“Say cheese!” The universal phrase we all know so well. So, what happens to all of those photos that we snap? Group photos, selfies, portraits and more may be tucked away in boxes or archived on our camera photo albums. If you’re one step ahead of the game, you may even have photos hanging on your walls, that simply need a refresh. Whatever the case, check out what I like to remember when considering when and how to hang photos and art!


Taking a visual walk down memory lane
If you’ve accumulated a lot of photos, you should first sort what you have. Next, select your favorites to live on walls throughout your home. All of the others not selected can be kept in a photo album to enjoy with friends and family, and most importantly keep them organized! Focus on chronologically adding photos into albums and labeling them by date. It’s great to store albums in order and visibly on a shelf so you’re more likely to pull them down and enjoy (you may remember this as a favorite tip of mine that I apply to basically everything, even your pantry in this post!) Some more step by step options for categorizing photos include: 1) by child/date, 2) by family/date, or 3) by event/date. As your sorting, the way in which to organize may depend on the volume of photos you have in a certain category – there’s no wrong way to do it!


Source: artifactsuprising.com
An in-home installation 
If you have a select few photos you’d like to feature get a little creative and consider creating a gallery wall. This style not only serves as a great way to showcase your favorite pics, but doubles as excellent wall art for any space in your home. Have fun with it! Choosing abstract colors and styles will compliment nicely and your pics will shine! All photos you opt not to hang can be stored in safe boxes to be swapped out when you’re ready for a change. 

Source: @painttheworldwhite


Art from the heart
Photos aren’t the only things that can fill wall space. Art may be accumulated over the years - a gift from a great friend or family member from a recent trip or your child’s 3rd grade art project. For this, I’d start with laying out all the pieces or options you have an create a plan for where you’d like it to go. Maybe, you’ll even combine it with photos in a unique mix or categorize by a particular room’s vibe. 


Source: cravingsomecreativity.com

For all of the options listed above, you might consider starting with a room or wall’s theme, which may help determine the direction you choose. Photos and art are a very aesthetically focused activity, and typically comes after a room has been organized. So, let’s get started on the dirty work before you can get to the fun stuff...who am I kidding, it’s all fun ;-)

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