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Benefits of Decanting Pantry Staples

As The Aesthetic Organizer, my goal for my clients’ homes is that every room—big and small—will serve their needs and make a beautiful statement. Pantries, especially, are such an integral part of our lives and daily routines and should be treated as an extension of our kitchen. The best pantries are well-stocked, accessible, and easy to look at. More and more, we are seeing designers and DIYers turn their attention to the long-overlooked pantry as a place to continue their chosen aesthetic and create visual appeal.

Today, we are talking specifically about the benefits of decanting food items for a more organized and Instagram-worthy pantry.

Aesthetic Value

The first and most obvious benefit is how it looks. Rows of matching containers and canisters are certainly attractive, even if you’re the only one who sees them. Additionally, as I mentioned above, designing out your pantry is a way to make it an extension of your kitchen design-wise and treats it as an important space instead of a catch-all. Plus, isn’t there something to be said about cooking and prepping in a tidy, efficient space? It feels a lot less like a chore when you have well-appointed surroundings.



Decanting pantry staples makes them more accessible so you reach for them more often. They won’t be thrown in the back of the closet, where you re-buy without need or worse, run out without notice. With clear containers, you can easily see what you have and how much. It also enables you to buy in bulk as you won’t need the original containers. That money savings alone will pay for your gorgeous new decanters. Not to mention, streamlined containers are a better use of much-needed space and buying in bulk is better for the environment.



It’s true—dry goods in air-tight containers do stay fresher longer. Even more importantly, quality containers keep moisture and pests out so that all you’re ingesting is your favorite foods. A little extra benefit is that a great pantry will likely lead to more cooking, which is proven to be healthier than most take-out options!

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