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Hi! I’m Wendy Silberstein, The Aesthetic Organizer.

Organizing is not just a profession for me, but a passion. I just can’t help but organize the spaces around me. I believe that everyone wants a beautiful home that makes living life to the fullest easy and enjoyable.


My early career was in in the fashion industry – I was a buyer for Bloomingdales and worked in product development in wholesale– but it wasn’t long before I found my true calling: helping New Yorkers find organization in their space challenged homes. I believe you should not have to sacrifice organization, even in the big city!

My approach is based on celebrating the things in life that make you happy and serve you well. My goal is to curate your possessions to highlight their beauty and personal meaning. We will create organizing solutions that are intuitive and simple to maintain.

I’m a mom to 3 great kids. Raising kids takes room. I love working with families to clear space for what matters most. Children who have their own cheerful space to play develop critical independence and self-expression skills. This is probably the part of my work I love the most – although seeing the feeling of relief and happiness that comes over clients’ faces when they see their homes beautifully organized and set up to meet their needs comes very close indeed!


NY and WestChester County based professional organizer

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