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How to Pack for a Long Weekend


Summer is quickly winding down - kids are heading back to school across the country, but us New Yorkers have a solid month left to sneak in weekend trips to the beach or head upstate to the lake. My mantra - organize, simplify + maximize - carries across all aspects of life, packing for a long weekend should be no different! By packing beautiful pieces that do double duty, you'll have a stylish capsule wardrobe that lasts 4+ days and fits in a weekender bag.

Here are my tips for selecting your items + how to organize + pack them:

  • Select items that can layer easily - especially when traveling to the beach, summer evenings can cool down quickly, no matter how hot The Hamptons feel mid-day. Select a short sleeved option in a loosely woven wool (like in my capsule wardrobe below) or a medium weight cotton to keep the chill away.

  • Stick to a color palette - selecting a cohesive color palette ensures every top can work with every bottom, maximizing your outfit options while limiting the number of pieces you need to pack

  • Alternate fabrics - I always stick to natural fibers, by by alternating fabric weights, like cotton, silk, denim and linen, your outfits carry more texture and therefore feel more luxurious.

  • Place your shoes in a bag to place at the bottom of your weekender bag. This version from Lo & Sons has an entirely separate compartment to hold shoes, wet bathing suites, and dirty garments.

  • Roll any items that won't wrinkle easily like denim + sweaters.

  • Fold delicates that easily wrinkle like silk + linen and place on the top layer of the bag.

  • Fill in any gaps in the bag with intimates, swimwear, toiletries + electronics.

  • Pack one extra canvas or nylon bag to place dirty clothes or wet swimsuits in for the trip back to the City.



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