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Medicine Cabinet Organization

We’re all too familiar with the mystery that is “what’s behind those mirror medicine cabinet doors?!” Admit it, you’ve wanted to look from time to time at family member or friends place! And if you yourself haven’t take a peek, why not give those who have something to write home about when they’re at your home. Medicine cabinet organization is important from visual, functional, and safety perspectives, and these tips will help you get yours into great shape!

Product Priorities I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again and again: any organization project should start with an editing process that helps you evaluate what you’ve been stashing in your cluttered space. Empty out your cabinet and evaluate all items by organizing them into piles or baskets/bins of like items. Hey, you may not even know what you have in there! Once emptied, clean your space and start from square one. When you’ve identified what you’ll be keeping, where you keep it will be best determined when you can see what space available to utilize.

Use by...or bye, bye! It’s likely that what you store here goes on your body or inside it, so the best way to toss items taking up space is by their expiration. Order any product duplicates by what’s expiring first as to not waste what you have. By keeping your space organized, you’ll likely see more of what you have, therefore actually use it.

Daily, weekly, monthly or more... Once the products you’re keeping are ready to be stored in their new homes, there’s one more consideration I recommend before actually putting them away: daily versus not so often product use...we’ve seen this one before in my Pantry Organization post. If your bathroom is set up with an over-the-sink mirror or on-counter storage, you’ll want to keep your most frequently used products here, within the most convenient reach (daily face wash and moisturizer, toothbrush and toothpaste, for example). Products used less frequently (weekly or monthly masks, product duplicates, bulk contact boxes, etc.) may be stored underneath your sink in baskets or free standing if they’re boxed or contained.

Tighten up loose ends One of the biggest challenges I come across is individual products that are packaged in tube-shaped containers that take up a significant amount of horizontal space (eye creams, face lotions, skin treatments, make up, etc.) Consider bundling all these items together in a tall mason jar to consolidate surface area. Try this out for makeup brushes, too, for easy access in the morning or Saturday night rather than digger through the abyss that can be a female’s cosmetic bag!

Need some help organizing your bathroom’s medicine cabinet and overall storage? I’m just a phone call away.

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As a professional organizer in New York City, I believe in celebrating the things in life that make you happy and serve you well. I provide creative solutions to organizing small spaces (like New York apartments) that are both intuitive and simple to maintain. Look around for some inspiration! - Wendy

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