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Maintaining an Organized Closet

A beautiful and properly organized closet can be a game changer in your home and routine. Creating storage options that are functional and fit your space takes time and dedication; throw in a professional organizer and you’re out some cash as well. You put in the time and effort and nailed it; now, it's crucial to maintain it!

What comes next is the most important step. The best closet reorganizations take into account simplicity and ease of maintenance. If you’re anything like me, you might find yourself rushing in and out of your closet to change into your workout clothes or to grab a coat. With these solutions, you can keep the chaos at bay and avoid the cluttered floor and piles of discarded clothing. There’s literally nothing like walking into a clean and efficient closet each morning.

My closet organization picks:

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Labeled Rod Dividers

These handy dividers not only make locating items easy, but also keep you accountable for putting them back in the right area. You can categorize based on type, material, season, or whatever makes sense for your collection.

Shelf Dividers

Shelves can become such a catchall area. Dividers keep everything contained in their designated spots and with similar items. Your closet will function best when everything has a dedicated space.

Clear Shoe Boxes

Shoes scattered across the floor is a recipe for disaster. They’re nearly impossible to keep sorted and they eventually become hard to pair. Clear shoe boxes put all your shoes on display so that you can always see what you have. Meanwhile, they’re protecting your shoes and keeping them clean.

Clear Sweater Boxes

Clear boxes have so many useful purposes, but I love them for storing sweaters! Some delicate materials are best not to be hung. Placing them in boxes protects cashmeres and merinos from damage and moths.

Scarf + Belt Organizers

Scarves and belts can be so tricky to organize with all the different shapes and textures. They often end up on the floor either from being removed quickly or slinking right off whatever hanger they’re on. These two options are my favorites for storing them effectively without creating an eyesore!

These closet solutions will increase visibility and make your organization more easy for you to maintain even on busy days. I’d love to hear from you—which section of your closet do you find the most difficult to maintain?


The Aesthetic Organizer is a professional, personalized service that helps New York City residents organize their homes, simplify their lives and maximize their precious space. You deserve a beautiful, well-thought out home. Curated closets, organized bathrooms, cheerful children’s play areas and functionally spaced kitchens are only the beginning. Contact me here to experience the benefits that come with Aesthetic Organization.

Organization Specialist Small Space Home

As a professional organizer in New York City, I believe in celebrating the things in life that make you happy and serve you well. I provide creative solutions to organizing small spaces (like New York apartments) that are both intuitive and simple to maintain. Look around for some inspiration! - Wendy

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