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Benefits of a Chemical-Free Laundry Routine

As a Professional Organizer, an important part of my job is recommending products that meet my clients’ needs, whether for their lifestyle, home, or health. Laundry is a topic I discuss with my clients often as maintaining a laundry routine is essential to keeping an organized home.

When I recommend home products, it’s incredibly important to me that they be high quality and safe for the families that I get to serve. When it comes to laundry products, this means opting for and suggesting chemical-free products. More and more, we are finding evidence of the adverse effects of chemicals in our daily lives. Today, I want to share a little about the benefits of eliminating those pesky chemicals from your laundry routine.

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It’s Better for the Environment

Many leading detergents contain phosphates and EDTA. These chemicals are used to make the detergent more effective in hard water, but they’ve been linked to environmental issues. Their presence in the environment wreaks havoc on ecosystems.

And, while we are discussing environmentally-friendly laundry practices, consider incorporating a laundry schedule instead of doing loads at random. It cuts down on water and electricity use as you wash full loads instead of just partial ones. If you’re washing for a family, consider doing one load per week for the adults and one for children.

It’s Better for Your Skin

So many skin conditions and irritations that arise can be linked to the products we use in our home. Bleach is especially hard on skin and can actually cause severe burns. Sodium laurel sulfate and optical brighteners are two more common offenders that could be causing problems.

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It’s Better for Your Health

When it comes to hormone disruptors and carcinogens, the list of chemicals that might be lurking in your detergent is nearly endless. Out of approximately 62,000 chemicals used in these products, only around 300 have been tested for safety. Fragrances and parfums can be listed as an ingredient with little information about what is actually included. These scent cocktails don’t even have to be reviewed by regulatory agencies. Getting rid of fragrances in your laundry routine is the first step to chemical-free. If you like for your laundry to smell nice, try purchasing a detergent that lists high-quality essential oils as the source.

And, if you like the outsides of your products to be as good as the inside, check out The Laundress line of laundry solutions for gorgeous packaging and containers that make organization easy.

If you’re shopping for chemical-free home products and aren’t sure where to begin, try the EWG Healthy Living App. They provide information about the safety of the products on the shelves past the well-worded marketing!


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