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Creating an Organized Workspace

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As someone who is self-employed, I spend a lot of time at my desk in my home office burning the midnight oil. When I’m in that space, I want to be as productive and creative as possible so that I can work effectively and make more time for off-the-clock activities. I have so many friends who I know face the same struggle of keeping a tidy in-home space that is dedicated to only work.

Luckily for me, my job is incredibly fun and rewarding but it is also meticulous and time-consuming and requires some administrative tasks. I think I speak for everyone with a home office when I say that I work better, quicker, and smarter when my desk is organized, with everything I need in order and within reach.

It’s tax week, which might mean that your desk or home office’s appearance has fallen by the wayside as you prioritized more pressing matters. Good news! Today, I’m talking tips for creating a desktop that is well-kept and manageable, no matter how much space you have.

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Limit what goes on top of your desk.

Your desk area should be sacred space. Keep as much as you can stashed away (neatly) so that you have plenty of elbow room. Even if you have a large space, I don’t recommend anything more than your computer and accompanying accessories and one to two pieces of decor. Save that room for holding what you need when you need it, like documents or a hot coffee. This will keep you from constantly shuffling, making room, and ultimately, losing things. If you have ample space to fill, consider a lamp, clock, or other functional item.

Utilize wall space.

The wall directly above your desk is a great place for shelving. Feel free to place some aesthetic items, but maximize your storage, too. Shelves are a great place for reference books, a file box, or assorted office supplies.

Additionally, wall space is perfect for a mood board or reminder board. A metal grid or pegboard is perfect for displaying inspiration or more practical post-it notes.

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Make drawers do the heavy lifting.

If your desk has drawers, my best tip is to buy organizers to maximize your space. Keep files organized with whatever system works best for you and use small baskets to hold smaller items like paper clips so they aren’t floating.

If your desk doesn’t have drawers, consider a separate storage container that does or a layered shelf for the top of the desk (if space allows).

To maintain your aesthetic organization even during the busiest work weeks, here are my best tips:

  1. End the day by tidying your desk. Starting the day with a de-cluttered workspace is worth the time investment.

  2. Get rid of anything you don’t find yourself using (like a stapler for instance). There is no room for useless items!

  3. Adopt a filing system that works for you—even if it’s digital—and stick with it.

  4. Rearrange occasionally to keep things fresh.

I hope these tips will help you achieve the workspace that you want and plenty of creative energy to follow the stress of tax time!


The Aesthetic Organizer is a professional, personalized service that helps New York City residents organize their homes, simplify their lives and maximize their precious space. You deserve a beautiful, well-thought out home. Curated closets, organized bathrooms, cheerful children’s play areas and functionally spaced kitchens are only the beginning. Contact me here to experience the benefits that come with Aesthetic Organization.

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As a professional organizer in New York City, I believe in celebrating the things in life that make you happy and serve you well. I provide creative solutions to organizing small spaces (like New York apartments) that are both intuitive and simple to maintain. Look around for some inspiration! - Wendy

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