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Bathroom Organization: Simple Solutions

Bathrooms can be tricky spaces to organize and maintain. We all have dozens of containers of beauty products, dental hygiene products, hair products, and grooming products that need to be stored within arms reach with minimal space to store them effectively. Even the largest countertops become cluttered quickly. So, how do you create storage solutions for all those non-negotiables that are easy to access, functional, and aesthetically pleasing? A lot of thought and the right tools.

Here’s our suggestions for organizing each zone of your bathroom to simplify morning routines and keep your countertops beautiful:


There are two camps concerning shower products—to leave them or not to leave them. I’m firmly in the camp that says take them out! Especially if you have multiple people using the same shower, those shelves become flooded with products that eventually spill over to the floor and other areas. The undersides of these containers also become collectors for soap scum, which means cleaning your shower becomes more difficult and more frequent. We recommend that every person using the shower have their own designated removable caddy that can be taken into the shower with them with all of their shower essentials. This keeps your shower looking tidy.

Pro tip: if you think your family, partner, or roommates might push back on the idea, try storing the caddies in close proximity, like under the bathroom sink, to make it as convenient as possible.

If removing your shower products is a no-go due to lack of storage, or if you live alone and have a limited amount of products, try containing them in a sleek, stationary caddy like this one:

Medicine Cabinet

The first rule of a well-functioning medicine cabinet is that it needs to be purged regularly. In the daily rush, it’s so easy to leave empty bottles of daily medicines or facial products in the cabinet, out of sight, but this is a real waste of space. If you don’t use it, toss it, and be certain to check expiration dates for everything.

Be selective about what makes it into your medicine cabinet, as it’s a convenient spot for daily use products. If possible, we like to dedicate a shelf to facial products—face wash, toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, and sunscreen (or whatever is in your daily regimen). For even more functionality, we like to place these containers by order of use. Your early morning self will thank you.

On shelf two, we like store dental hygiene products. If you share the bathroom with someone else, this might take two shelves. We use the rest of the shelves for medicinal needs. Remember, this area is for convenience, so only include medicinal products that you use once weekly or more often.


We prefer to keep counter tops completely empty, save for hand soap and a hand towel, but we know that isn’t possible for every person and bathroom. For instance, if you don’t have a built-in medicine cabinet, you might have to get creative with countertop solutions.

One of our favorite options is a small tray that can hold some of your most-used items. Try to be as selective as possible as you fill the tray, and keep size and overall aesthetic in mind. Don’t be afraid to swap out containers for something more neutral if needed. Glass canisters and amber glass tincture bottles are perfect for beauty tools and products.

Under the Sink

If you have a vanity, under the sink could very well be your best bet for a large storage area in the bathroom. The issue, however, with large spaces, is that they require organizational systems so they don’t get out of hand. We love stackable boxes (always in clear so you can easily see what you have!) and expandable shelves as most under-sink areas don’t have shelves built in. Remember to store your items here in a way that works for you—so, most-used items near the top and easy to grab. Items that get infrequent use can be packed further away as long as you can see them and know where they are.


If possible, we like to designate an entire drawer to hot tools like curling irons, blow dryers, etc., but if that’s not possible, there are plenty of good under-sink solutions. As for the other drawers (if you have any), we find this to be a great place for storing cosmetics. While they might make us feel beautiful, our stashes can often look unsightly with all the different sizes, shapes, and colors of containers. Keep them contained with clear drawer organizers like the one below.

For more cosmetic organization ideas, check out this post. Drawer organizers are also great for small necessities like hair clips and ties or the aforementioned medicine cabinet necessities if you don't have one.

Image via BrklynView

Open Shelves

Open shelving is still having a moment in 2019 and we see it everywhere. We think the best use for open shelving in bathrooms is storing linens. Now, the caveat is, that towels stored in plain sight should be high-quality, the same color, and neatly folded. Add in some decor, a plant, or an oil diffuser. If you don’t have shelving for your towels, there are plenty of other desirable options, like a woven basket.

As with any room in your home, your bathroom should work for you. It should add ease and simplicity to your routine and set you up for success. If you employ any of these tips, we’d love to see—please tag @theaestheticorganizer on Instagram!


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