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Hanger Shopping 101

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It happens to the best of us— you’ve culled through your wardrobe, edited it down, and organized to the nines. But still, your closet doesn’t feel efficient or polished. Your clothes are hung on mismatched hangers you’ve collected through the years, pants are folded over them and are creating unnecessary bulk, and tops are being stretched around hangers that just don’t fit. Sound familiar? Follow these tips to find the right hangers for you and put the finishing touch on all of your hard work!

Find your Aesthetic

It can be so easy to neglect the need for matching hangers. You keep hangers that come with clothes you buy, and buy packs of hangers as needed. Over the years, you end up with a collection of mismatched hangers that aren’t exactly pleasing to the eye. The solution? Buy a set of matching hangers that match your aesthetic! I personally love white wood hangers to add a clean and fresh look to my wardrobe.

Image via Brklynview

As with any purchase for your home, splurge on quality the first time around so you don't find yourself constantly replacing broken hangers. A good hanger is sturdy and keeps the clothes hanging.

Pro Tip: While black velvet hangers can be so pleasing to look at, they do tend to attract a lot of lint and fibers, which isn't ideal for something you hang garments on.

Keep Space in Mind

Maximize a small closet by sticking to non-slip hangers. I love the ones from The Container Store, and they come in a variety of colors to match any taste. Their slim profile keep clothes tidy and hung uniformly. And, when they aren't in use, they take up very little space as they're so flat.

If you need something a little more substantial for suit separates, large coats, or heavy sweaters, you can opt for two different styles, just aim to keep it consistent across categories so it will be easier on the eyes as the closet is one of the first places you spend time in the morning!


Folding pants over shirt hangers takes away from the aesthetic of your closet and adds extra bulk, taking up precious space. It’s a lose-lose. Try clip-on hangers for skirts and pants to keep things flowing! This set-up also helps reduce wrinkles and long-term damage to the clothing. Try these from The Container Store:

You will need to consider where you will hang your pants and skirts as they will be longer on clip-on hangers. Find a spot where they're easy to see and access, but not touching the floor at all.

Know Your Size

If you’re petite, you’ve probably dealt with your tops being stretched out by hangers that are too large. Protect the integrity of your necklines by using “petite” hangers! They have a smaller width and are perfect for narrow tops.


The Aesthetic Organizer is a professional, personalized service that helps New York City residents organize their homes, simplify their lives and maximize their precious space. You deserve a beautiful, well-thought out home. Curated closets, organized bathrooms, cheerful children’s play areas and functionally spaced kitchens are only the beginning. Contact me here to experience the benefits that come with Aesthetic Organization.​

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