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Making the Most of Distance Learning

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For many of us, “homeschool” may not have been on the list when dreaming up plans for 2020. And while taking on the role of facilitating distance learning may be an unexpected addition to your resume this year, I’m laying out my best tips as a professional organizer to help you embrace the change and create the perfect environment for learning at home.

Setting Up the Workspace

Even for adults, it can be difficult staying on course when working from home. Depending on your child’s age, you may find their attention waning at home due to easy access to toys, screens, or the presence of siblings. Creating an organized, set workspace for your child to come to every day, complete with all of the tools they’ll need, is essential in helping them succeed in learning from home. Try choosing a space in your home away from the television and free from as many distractions as possible. If you’re like me, living in NYC, space can sometimes be tight. So, if you have multiple children working in one space, a shared desk can be a great option. Just be sure to designate a space that each child can call their own.

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Once you’ve chosen a suitable area, it’s time to set up their workspace. Make it a priority to keep their space clear of visual distractions, while making sure that the necessary materials they’ll need are close at hand. If their desk has drawers, use a drawer organizer to keep pencils, paper, highlighters, calculators, and other supplies readily available. These organizers can even stand alone on the desk surface. Just make sure they’re well-stocked with any supplies your child may need.

Since a laptop will likely be used to view lessons and complete schoolwork, easy access to charging is key. Consider setting up a “charging station” where they can dock their devices at the end of the day, charge them overnight, and never have to worry about searching for their charger in the middle of an assignment.

Planning the Day

Take the guesswork out of the distance learning day and create a schedule that works best for your child. Knowing when to work and when to expect a break will add structure to the day and help your child develop a natural rhythm in this new season. Use a planner to help them keep track of their daily and weekly schedules and a desktop timer as a visual aid to keep track of work and break times. Depending on your child’s age, having an organized binder for each subject or one binder divided into multiple subjects is a great way to organize notes and printables. Consider the flow of their day, and help them set up their notebooks in a way that makes sense for their schedule. A desktop file sorter can make a great place to store notebooks and textbooks at the end of the day.

Embrace It!

This school year is going to look different for all of us. As parents, a little bit of preparation on the front end will do wonders in helping our kids thrive during this time. I hope these tips help your distance learning year go as smoothly as possible!


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