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Creating Your Perfect WFH Office

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One of the biggest changes this year for so many of us has been transitioning to working from home. Where there once was a defined separation between work and home, the line has now been blurred and many of us are finding ourselves navigating the two in the same space. Maybe you’re concerned with keeping productivity up while working from home; maybe you want to start redefining the boundary that once kept work and home separate. Whatever your goals, today, I’m sharing with you some helpful tips on creating your perfect space to work from home.

Start Fresh

A huge indicator of success in working from home is having a defined workspace. Whether you have a whole room or just a corner dedicated for your home office, try starting with a blank canvas. Your desk surface should be clear of papers and clutter (we’ll talk about what to do with those below). Once you get an idea of what you’ll need at hand, it’s time to start organizing! Remember to edit your office space regularly to avoid accumulating clutter.

Image via @jainekershner

Tools of the Trade

A place for everything, and everything in its place! The right organizational tools will be key in keeping your space clean and clutter-free. If your desk has drawers, consider drawer organizers for pens, sticky notes, paperclips, and any other office supplies you may need. You can also use drawer inserts to create filing systems for any important paperwork you want to keep close at hand. Be sure to use easy-to-read labels when filing so you’ll be able to find what you need without much effort.

If you’re working with more space, or if your desk doesn’t have drawers, a separate filing cabinet can be great if you have paperwork you need to keep, but don’t need readily available.

If you don’t have the space, a desktop file sorter or magazine box can do the trick! Finish off your desktop organization with a cord organizer to keep things tidy, and consider setting up a charging station so your electronics are always ready to go.

An all-in-one desk kit is also a wonderful option for storing both paper and office supplies if space is tight.

Schedule for Success

A clean, organized workspace can go a long way in helping the flow of your workday and maximizing your productivity. But, working from home can still be a struggle when we find ourselves being too easily distracted or tempted to work after-hours. If your work schedule is flexible, try setting a schedule for yourself and sticking to it. Choose the hours of the day when you are naturally the most productive, and don’t forget to schedule healthy breaks to avoid burnout. Use a physical planner to keep track of daily schedules, upcoming events, and deadlines. It can be easily accessed and tucked away when not needed!

Remember, like anything, working from home is a balance, and it can take time to find your rhythm! A little thoughtful planning will have a big payoff in your day-to-day. I hope these tips will help you work from home with confidence!

Image via @jainekershner


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