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Pantry Organization: Five Simple Tips

Image via @jainekershner

Pantries, like closets, can sometimes easily become a place for clutter to set in. Between preparing weeknight meals, grabbing snacks on the go, and putting away groceries wherever you see an available spot, your pantry may have become a catch-all for half-empty snack bags and open boxes of pasta that have been crammed to the back. If this sounds like you, take advantage of these five tips to take control of your pantry and take the guesswork out of grocery planning and mealtimes.

Take Inventory

Much like editing your closet, start your pantry overhaul by taking everything out and taking inventory. You may find that some items are past their expiration date- you’ll want to throw those out and make a note to repurchase if needed. Once you’ve gotten an idea of what you have, begin creating your zones. This is an approach that will help you and your family know where things are and where they should be returned when they’re not being used. Sort your items into categories like breakfast, baking, dry goods, canned goods, sauces, and snacks. You can tailor these categories to fit your family’s needs.

Image via @jainekershner

Measure Your Space

Before getting to the organizational tools, it’s important to get an idea of what you’ll be able to do with your space. Take measurements of the width, depth, and height between your shelves. Having these measurements handy will make shopping for organization solutions a breeze, and help you get the most out of your space.

Choose the Right Solutions

Based on the needs of your space, it’s time to start putting together your zones. Baskets and turntables are perfect for snack zones. Group like-with-like, and store each snack group in its own basket. This will help younger (and maybe older!) family members find what they’re looking for, and prevent rummaging and moving things out of place.

Hyacinth Storage Basket via The Container Store

Turntable via The Container Store

Expandable shelf risers are an amazing way to store canned goods, keeping them visible and avoiding items being pushed to the back or stacked in an unorganized way.

Shelf Riser via The Container Store

Pasta, rice, and other dry goods can be decanted into glass or clear plastic airtight containers. Not only does this help give your pantry a uniform look, but it can be more budget and eco-friendly. After initially purchasing your containers, you can begin buying dry goods in bulk. You’ll save money and create less waste— a win-win!

Image via @jainekershner

Pantry Canisters via The Container Store

Label, Label, Label!

Labeling is essential in keeping your pantry organized, especially foods that you’ve decanted into other containers. Use labels to note which items go into which containers and to mark the dates of purchase and expiration, if needed. I love the options offered by The Home Edit.

Pantry Labels via The Home Edit

You can also choose to create your own. A label maker is a great option for creating your own labels as needed!

Label Maker via The Container Store

Make It Yours

Every family is different! Take your needs into account when finalizing your space setup. If you have young children, put your snack zone at eye level in a place that’s easy for them to grab and go. Decanted cereals and snacks can also be stored where easily accessible. You may want to store heavy items like canned goods and jars safely out of the way on higher shelves. Try to work from the bottom up, keeping in mind how often you need access to each zone, and who needs to be able to access them.

Having an intentional place for everything will be a breath of fresh air when grocery planning and cooking. It’ll also help mealtimes and snack times run more smoothly— never again will you need to dig to the back of the pantry to find what you’re looking for! I hope that these tips will help you give your pantry new life.


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