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Five Tips for Fall Closet Organization

Image via Diana Biryuk

We’ve reached mid-October and temperatures are starting to drop. Along with cooler weather comes a change in your wardrobe and therefore your closet organization. I will cover my five top tips for a smooth transition to get your closet fall-ready. But before we dive in, I am so excited to share my collaboration with Vandewater and California Closets!

As an NYC gal and business owner in the Upper West Side, I didn’t have to think twice about supporting a brand new luxury condominium in the heart of Morningside Heights- Vandewater. Their aesthetic and mission to support small neighborhood businesses resonated with me on a personal level. Vandewater represents an elevated approach to city living while maintaining an integrity to historical sustainability. Their dedication to creating a home for New York City residents combining comfort and practicality parallel my approach to organizing aesthetically. Their partnership with California Closets to outfit their master closet interiors created the perfect combination to create an organized home.

Vandewater chose an aesthetically pleasing custom built-in closet system that adds to the richness and harmony represented in their interiors. They dedicated separate “his” and “hers” spaces in order to maximize space and utilize thoughtful touches- valet rods, tie and belt racks, scarf racks and built-in dresser systems. In addition, their choice of a light and soothing finish on environmentally sustainable wood serves to create the luxury they offer throughout their residences.

Without further ado, let’s take a peek at my recommendations to get you going for Fall 2020!

The Proper Edit

When organizing a space, it’s best to start with a comprehensive edit. Begin by taking everything out of your closet, then place the items into groups. This process can help you rediscover pieces you love but haven’t worn in a while, or identify pieces that no longer serve you and can be removed. Keep bins handy for sorting items to keep, donate, sell, or toss as seasonal closet editing becomes a practice.

Create Zones

As you begin to introduce items back into your closet, use a zone approach to keep things simple. Start by grouping like items (tops, bottoms, hanging pieces, folded pieces, shoes, and accessories). After you’ve separated your pieces into these general categories, you can further organize them into “casual” and “dress.”

With cooler temperatures coming, you’ll want your fall pieces close at hand. Pull them to the front for easy access, then store them in a way that simplifies your morning rush. Sweaters can be stored according to weight- start with light cashmere and increase in heaviness to chunky sweaters. Denim should be organized by wash- from lightest to darkest. Jackets can be hung according to material and weight. When everything has a place, getting dressed becomes a breeze!

Image via Diana Biryuk

Image via Diana Biryuk

Maximize Space

To get the most storage out of your closet, it’s important to utilize the appropriate design features when storing certain pieces. Blouses, sweaters, and jackets can be hung on short hanging rods, while suits and dresses can be hung at full length on long rods. Shelf heights can be adjusted to accommodate folded pieces and accessories like purses and hats. Take full advantage of your shelving by also folding and storing denim!

Image via Diana Biryuk

Mounted tie racks are an easy solution for storing ties that are worn regularly, making them visible and easy to access.

Image via Diana Biryuk

If you’re an outfit planner, a valet rod is perfect for hanging and displaying pieces you want to keep wrinkle-free and ready for your morning or an evening out.

Images via Diana Biryuk

Implement Storage Solutions

Your closet can be even further customized to fit your needs by implementing a few simple storage solutions. If you want to further compartmentalize your shelving to get a better fit for folding pieces, try using shelf dividers to keep things tidy.

Image via Diana Biryuk

It can be easy to let drawers become a place to toss-and-go. “Out of sight, out of mind” right? Avoid letting your drawers become overwhelmed by using drawer trays or inserts to store things like rolled ties, socks, underwear, and accessories.

Image via Diana Biryuk

Store Out-of-Season

To keep your closet simple and get it truly fall-ready, consider keeping out out-of-season pieces during your edit. These pieces can be stored away in environmentally-friendly hanging bags or bins until you’re ready to use them again.

Remember, putting in the time to edit and organize your closet regularly will save so much time in your day-to-day. You’ll know exactly where to find the pieces you’ll need when you need them! I hope these tips help you simplify your fall edit and get your closet cool weather-ready!


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