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Simple Solutions for Your Bathroom Vanity

Image via @jainekershner

At some point in our morning rush, we all make our way to our bathroom vanity to get ready for the day. And while no one sets out to add unnecessary stress to their day by spending precious time digging through drawers and cabinets looking for products, it can be easy to shove things away or leave them lying around when we’re in a hurry. A thoughtfully styled vanity is an act of self-care— things should be calm and tidy, and set the tone for your day. Today I’m sharing my tips on how to organize and style your bathroom vanity for smooth and easy mornings.

Edit Your Collection

As always, start by editing your collection of products. Take everything out of your cabinets, drawers, and any storage solutions you may be using. You’ll want to check each product’s expiration date and throw out anything that may be unusable. You may be surprised at the number of outdated products you have tucked away!

Next, it’s time to minimize. It’s helpful to start by categorizing your products— skincare, makeup, haircare, etc. There are some products you’ll reach for everyday and some you may only need on special occasions, but it’s important to be realistic about what you need to keep. If there’s a product you haven’t used in months, it may be time to part with it.

Image via @jainekershner

Simplify and Style

Now that you’ve pared down your collection, look for the products you reach for every day. These can be neatly stored on your countertop for easy access. Curate a selection of daily makeup and skincare, and store them in a way that works for your space. I love the acrylic makeup organizers from The Container Store.

Image via @jainekershner

Your countertop can be functional, but it shouldn’t be used to store all of your products. Try to keep it reserved for cosmetics that you need easy daily access to. Make sure to add a few decorative touches to set the aesthetic for the space. A pretty mirror and a tray with fresh flowers and a candle can elevate your space and your mood, making your mornings feel a little more luxurious!

Image via All Modern

Utilize Storage

For those products you don’t need quick access to, or for things you’d rather not display, utilize drawers and cabinet space. Drawer organizers are great for containing things like bobby pins and hair elastics, as well as giving products and tools (hairbrushes, tweezers, cosmetic scissors, etc.) a designated place. A silicone tray can be used to store hot hairstyling tools for fast cleanup; you’ll no longer need to leave them out on your vanity to cool!

Clear baskets can be used under cabinets for products that may be too tall to store in drawers. These are easy to pull out and set on your vanity top as needed and can be easily tucked back away when not in use.

When you take the guesswork out of your vanity storage by editing your collection and giving everything a proper place, your mornings will thank you and tidying up will be a breeze! I hope these tips help you to elevate the organization and the aesthetic of your vanity.


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