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4 Tips for a Well-Kept Laundry Room

Image via @jainekershner

In the new year, many of us resolve to get our homes in order— to simplify, organize, and free up precious space. We purge our closets and clean out drawers, but when it comes to one of the most-used areas in our home, the laundry room, we tend to be less enthusiastic. After all, who loves to do laundry? Today, I’m sharing four of my best tips and ideas for creating a functional, organized laundry room that may just bring you closer to being excited about laundry day!

Maximizing Storage

Many laundry rooms lack the space and storage options to reach their full potential. Nevertheless, we can get creative in devising storage solutions that will make the most out of the space we have!

Go vertical with floating shelves. Utilizing wall space is an excellent solution when floor space is scarce. Add in baskets or crates to store laundry materials for a clean, aesthetic appearance.

Utility carts are another great option if you have a little floor space to spare. They’ll keep your supplies contained and within easy reach.

Utility Cart via The Container Store

A laundry sorter can make it a breeze to separate your pieces out by load. Depending on your needs, grab one with handles or wheels to make collecting laundry from multiple rooms a snap!

Image via @jainekershner, Laundry Sorter and Detergents via The Laundress

Install a Drying Area

A dedicated drying area is essential for items that are too delicate for the dryer. Assess your space, and choose the option that is right for you!

If you have floor space, a standing drying rack provides a great space to air dry pieces. Most can be folded and put away when not in use.

Drying Rack via The Container Store

If floor space isn’t available, a pull down rack or mounted bar are both great options.

Mounted Drying Rack via The Container Store

Aesthetic Touches

There’s nothing that will make you enjoy your time in the laundry room more than making it aesthetically pleasing! Believe it or not, there are a few decorative touches you can add to your space to make it beautiful.

Use decorative jars to decant powder detergents and store supplies like dryer balls and clothespins. For eco-friendly detergents and fabric care, I love The Laundress products. Their gorgeous packaging is an added bonus!

Glass Jar via The Container Store

Add baskets to store other supplies, and add some decorative labels if needed.

Hyacinth Baskets via The Container Store

A decorative tray with greenery, and even a piece of art on the wall can make the room feel like one you won’t mind spending a little time in.

Image via McGee and Co.

Make it Multifunctional

If you have the space, make your laundry room multifunctional! Add in an ironing station with a mounted, pull down ironing board. It’ll be there when you need it and can be folded back up to save space when not in use.

Mounted Ironing Board via Crate and Barrel

Utilize wall and door space to store other household items and cleaning supplies. Use a tool holder to store hangable tools like brooms, mops, dust pans, and dusters.

Tool Holder via The Container Store

My hope is that you can use these tips to transform your laundry room into a simplified, polished space you don’t mind being in! If you use any of these tips, tag me on Instagram @theaestheticorganizer. I can’t wait to see!


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