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Drawer Organization - 4 Tips for Keeping Dresser Drawers Clutter-Free

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Be honest. Have you ever been on the hunt for a specific item that you know is in your dresser, rummaged and dug through layers of mismatched socks, t-shirts, and underwear, and left your dresser worse than you found it? Have you fallen victim to a “missing” essential hiding in the recesses of your drawer and making you late for work or an important event?

Over the weeks, months, and years, our dresser drawers can become places of mayhem. In the rush to find what we need, it can be tempting to leave the dresser in a state of disarray, and the problem only compounds over time. If this sounds like you, I have great news! Today I’m sharing four tips to whip your dresser drawers into shape- saving you time and frustration and making mornings and laundry days a breeze.

Image via @jainekershner

Empty and Edit

We’ll start with the all-too-important overhaul. Take everything out of your drawers and take inventory. This step may sound daunting, but it will make the process so much easier when you know what items you have, and have fresh empty drawers to put them in.

Method to the Madness

Try categorizing your items by placing them in piles (socks, underwear, t-shirts, athletic clothes, etc.), making sure items in a pair have their match. You may notice that it’s time to replace some socks or other items that have been well-loved over the years!

Grouping things together outside of the drawers will make it easier to decide which storage solutions are right for you, and help you get an idea of how and where you’ll want to put things back. When you’re done, it’s time for storage tools!

Image via @jainekershner

Tools of the Trade

There are all kinds of drawer organizers out there depending on your needs. Organizers can be a big help in the initial organization, and they can help keep your drawers tidy by providing every item a designated home. You’ll want to measure the height, width, and depth of your drawers before choosing organizers to make sure you maximize your space and get the right fit.

These linen drawer organizers from The Container Store are perfect for items like lingerie, underwear, socks, and small accessories like ties.

Linen Drawer Organizers via The Container Store

Expandable organizers can be customized to fit most standard drawer sizes, and are great for dividing up drawers to store folded clothing like t-shirts and athletic wear.

Expandable Drawer Organizer via The Container Store

Folding Methods

After you’ve installed your storage solutions, it’s time to organize! Learning the proper folding and storage methods for each of your items can make a huge difference in the use of your space. After a few tries, these methods will become second nature, and you’ll thank yourself when you open your tidy, aesthetically organized drawers each morning.

Image via @jainekershner

This video will demonstrate how to fold most clothing items you’ll be storing in your drawers, while this video will show you how to store things like socks and underwear. Give these a look before filling your storage solutions!

I hope these tips give you the organized dresser of your dreams. The process is so worth the results!


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