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Spice Organization- 3 Simple Ideas

Image via @jainekershner

If you’ve ever found yourself digging through rows of mismatched jars, emptying out your cabinets to find that one spice you need to complete dinner, keep reading! For such small containers, spices can wreak havoc on our kitchen organization efforts. We purchase different brands, toss them in a drawer or cabinet, and usually end up sorting through our whole collection before we find the one we’re looking for. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! Today I’m walking you step-by-step through bringing aesthetic organization to your spice collection.

Inventory Your Collection

When getting started, it’s best to take everything out and bring them together in one location where you can check expiration dates and take inventory of what you have. You may need to get rid of expired goods or restock a few heavily-used spices. If it’s your first time building a spice collection, check out this list of basic spices that every kitchen needs!

Once you’ve gotten your inventory set, it’s time for the first step in creating some visual continuity— decanting and labeling. Get rid of mismatched containers and transfer your spices into clear glass jars. Use labels to note what’s in each jar. I love the ones from Paper and Pear! You’ll already begin to notice a more organized look.

Glass Spice Bottle via The Container Store

Spice Jar Labels via Paper and Pear

Now that you’ve gotten everything prepared, it’s time to choose a storage location. You’ll find a few different solutions below.

Drawer Organization

If you choose to store your spices in a drawer, measure the height, width, and depth of the drawer and choose a compatible tiered shelf to keep your jars in place.

Image via @jainekershner

Countertop Organization

Countertop organization is a great way to keep your spices easily accessible and within reach while cooking. If countertop organization is best for you, a lazy Susan is a perfect solution to utilize the least amount of space. There are a few different aesthetic options depending on your preference!

Lazy Susan via The Container Store

Cabinet Organization

If you’re able to devote a whole cabinet, there are a couple of solutions you can use to avoid your jars getting lost behind others. Just like the countertop, a lazy Susan can be a great alternative to just lining up jars on one level.

Expandable risers and racks are another great choice. They’ll make it a breeze to find what you’re looking for in a pinch. When setting up your spices, make sure to have labels facing out. Alphabetizing can be a wonderful method, but you may choose to keep your most-used spices on the bottom rack for easiest accessibility.

Expandable Tiered Spice Shelf via The Container Store

I hope this guide inspires you to whip your spice collection into shape! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is, and how big of a difference it will make in the feel of your kitchen and your meal preparation when your spices are aesthetically organized.


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