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Preparing Your Closet for Sweater Weather

Image via @jainekershner

Each year, the cooler weather that fall brings is a welcomed respite from the summer heat. One of my favorite things about the drop in temperature is pulling out what I call my "Big 3"-- sweaters, denim, and booties! And while it can be fun to change things up, make sure to have these staples handy and easy to access. Filling your closet with heavier fabrics can present its own challenges, especially when storage space is already tight. Today I’m sharing a few tips and tricks with you to maximize your closet space as you ease your wardrobe from fall into winter!

Image via Diana Biryuk

A Fall Edit

I always recommend starting with a wardrobe edit. This will help you to identify the pieces in your wardrobe you’ll want to reuse this season, as well as identify any gaps that may need to be filled. Check out my post on the tried and true “keep, sell, donate” method for a more in-depth guide if your closet needs an overhaul! Once you’ve decided which pieces you’ll be keeping, it’s time to organize.


I love to store denim folded. When folded correctly, flat and with pockets facing the same direction, denim can be stacked for easy accessibility and a clean, uniform look. Try organizing your denim by wash (light to dark), so you’ll be able to find the perfect pair quickly and easily.

Image via Diana Biryuk

Sweaters and Jackets

Sweaters can also be stored folded flat to avoid stretching the shoulders with hangers. Categorize your sweaters by weight from light to heavy. Start with lighter weight cashmere, then merino wool, and work your way up to the warmer, chunkier knits. This will save you time and energy in the mornings, taking most of the guesswork out of dressing appropriately for the weather.

Image via Diana Biryuk

When storing your folded sweaters, stack them according to weight and separate the stacks using shelf dividers to prevent the piles from falling over or merging. I love these clear shelf dividers from the Container Store!

Clear Shelf Divider via The Container Store

Drop-front boxes are another great option for storing stacked sweaters in an elevated, aesthetically pleasing way. They also prevent the collection of dust, so your sweaters will stay fresh and ready to wear.

Drop-front Sweater Box via The Container Store

Jackets should be hung according to weight and material. Be sure to use properly sized hangers to avoid stretching! Check out my post on hanger shopping here.


It’s finally time for boots and booties! I recommend placing your cool-weather shoes on an easy to reach shelf for quick grab-and-go access. If you don’t have a dedicated built-in shelf, a shoe rack is a great way to keep shoes organized and within reach.

Shoe Rack via The Container Store

Low top shoes can also be stored in dust-free drop-front boxes, which can be stacked to maximize space.

Drop-front Shoe Box via The Container Store

Putting the perfect outfit together will be a breeze when all of your pieces have their proper place. I hope these tips inspire you to keep your closet tidy as you begin to prepare your wardrobe for the cooler temperatures ahead!


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